About Us

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The Ambrose Group offers values which are sound, incorruptible, and honest. Decisions are based on accurate, timely, and in-depth information and analysis. We understand the significance of our role in the development of business and communities, and we know the consequences for misjudging.

That is why we obtain the most current, accurate and in-depth information available. We do this in order to secure your trust in our services of Real Estate Appraisal, Cost Segregation and Property Tax Consulting.

With offices located in Dallas and Houston, we strive to partner with our clients by building long-term value in our relationships.

Everything we do is driven by the relationship not the transaction.

We want to hear from you. Please submit any questions, suggestions, or general feedback in the space below along with your name and email address. We’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

If you would like to speak with someone immediately, please give us a call at (713) 688-7733 and we will be glad to assist you. Thanks!